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IPL Laser Hair Reduction

IPL hair reduction treatments to reduce unwanted body and facial hair, so you can have the freedom and confidence to wear the outfits you want, without first having to worry about unwanted hair.

What is IPL

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL systems will release controlled pulses of filtered light that are then absorbed by the pigment in hair, melanin. This process thoroughly heats the hair and treats cells responsible for growth, therefore possibly achieving long-term hair reduction.

IPL VS Laser Hair Reduction

  • IPL is a safer alternative to laser hair reduction. It can also target more hair due to its increased wavelengths.

  • IPL can deliver hundreds of wavelengths in each burst of light. Laser hair reduction has only one wavelength and therefore cannot target as many hairs; it’s also a less painful option.

How long will results last?

IPL hair reduction does not entirely reduce the hair follicles, which have great powers of re-growth; therefore it is not considered a lasting solution. Patients can usually see some regrowth within a year after the treatments. IPL is designed to reduce the normal hair growth cycle on the treated part of the body.

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