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Lower Facial Rejuvenation

Lower Facial Rejuvenation corrects the appearance of a jowling on the jawline while restoring volume to the chin and smoothing out marionette lines.

What Areas Are Treated?

  • Jawline

  • Chin

  • Around the mouth

  • Smile Lines

Am I a Good Candidate for Lower Facial Rejuvenation?

Lower Facial Rejuvenation is suited for individuals who may be seeing a few early signs of aging, like smile lines, with a weaker jaw. Schedule your private consultation with Dr. Chaudhary to see if Lower Facial Rejuvenation is the right treatment for you!

What Products Are Used?

At Rejuvenation MD, Dr. Chaudhary utilizes several different dermal fillers to achieve her patient's desired look.

Jawline Filler

Packages start at $850+

Do you want to have a chiseled jawline? Add more definition to your profile by adding dermal filler is an excellent option for both men and women.


The average amount of product used is 2-4 syringes.

 Smile line Filler

Packages starting at $800+

Are you looking for a way to soften the appearance of smile lines? By adding filler, we can smooth out smile/laugh lines. 


Often, cheek filler is needed to help lift and take the weight off of the smile lines.

The average amount of product used is 1-2 syringes.

Chin Filler

Packages start at $800+

Over time, we tend to lose volume in our lower face. By strategically adding filler, we can give shape and definition to the chin while improving the balance of your profile.  


The average amount of product used is 1-4 syringes.

Around the Mouth Filler

Packages start at $800+

Want to address the fine lines around the mouth? Injecting filler can fill in these lines, giving you a smoother looking appearance. 


The average amount of product uses is 1-2 syringes.

Before + Afters

Our Actual Patients

Chin Filler
Jawline Augmentation